Dates & Rates





Traditional Camp Dates 2017

Cost $769

Session One:  June 18th – 23rd

Session Two:  June 25th – 30th  FULL

Session Three:  July 9th – 14th LIMITED

Session Four:  July 16th – 21st LIMITED

Session Five:  July 23rd – 28th  FULL

Session Six:  July 30th – August 4th  FULL

Mini Camp 2017

June 18th-21st, Cost $530

Adventure Camp 2017

Mountain Adventure –

Cost – $819

Session One:  June 18th – 23rd

Session Three:  July 9th – 14th FULL

Session Four:  July 16th – 21st FULL

Session Five:  July 23rd – 28th FULL

Session Six:  July 30th – August 4th

Coastal Adventure

Cost –  $879

Session Two: June 25th-June 30th

Session Four:  July 16th – 21st FULL

Session Six:  July 30th – August 4th FULL

Rock Climbing Adventure

Cost $819

Session Three:  July 9th – 14th

Session Five:  July 23rd – 28th

Leadership in Training Camp 2017*

Cost – $1609

*Holdover weekends are available the cost is $199 but please check as we do not have availability every weekend.    We recommend LITs taking weekends off to best well rested for the program.

LIT 1:  Weeks of June 18th, 25th and July 2nd FULL

LIT 2:  Weeks of July 9th, 16th, 23th

LIT 3:  Weeks of July 23rd, 30th, 6th

Counselor in Training 2017*

Cost – $359 FULL

CIT 1:  Weeks of June 18th and 25th

CIT 2:  Weeks of July 9th and 16th

CIT 3:  Weeks 23rd and 30th

Camp Imagine 2017

July 5th-8th, Cost $449

Family Camp 2017

Aug 18th-20th, 2017, Cost $100